Doing business with the New China B2b Selling Ebooks

Are you looking to take your fantastic product or service into China? Are you looking to negotiate with suppliers in China? China has a huge appetite for great and affordable products but it also can be difficult to navigate the nuances of doing business, setting up a sales/distribution channel, establishing a presence, hiring or looking for market knowledge about how your product or service will do.

Unlike other Business-to-Business selling books our eBook series is packed full of practical conversations, tips and techniques to navigate the B2B selling process and grow your business by 10X.

  • How B2B Selling Works: how the buying journey works for a customer
  • Getting Past No: emailing, cold calling, building rapport, handling objections and more
  • Building Urgency to Buy: uncovering needs, pricing, decision process, references and more
  • Closing the Sale: should you be closing, signals from the buyer and dealing with the risk
  • Growing Your Sales: referalls, upselling and following up with non-buyers

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